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Without the beautiful presentation of the LaunchMenu, a flash drive with some files holds about as much interest as, well... a flash drive with some files. Offer direction to your users and end the clutter with the LaunchMenu!

Your End-Users Expect This

From listing files on your flash drive to displaying a complete presentation, LaunchMenu is a must-have when organizing content for your audience. Whether you choose one of our stock designs or hire us to develop a custom solution for you, your end-users will be very comfortable navigating your flash drive content with the LaunchMenu.

Download a working sample of the LaunchMenu!

With LaunchMenu you can...

  • Advertise your brand professionally.
  • Eliminate flash drive clutter and end-user confusion.
  • Launch programs loaded on the flash drive.
  • Launch "The Book".
  • Launch or embed websites.
  • Open files such as images, text files and PDF's.
  • Create entire presentations.
  • Embed Adobe Flash presentations, games & applications.
  • Embed Quicktime, MPEG & AVI video formats.
  • Enbable users to submit feedback.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows® Operating Systems!
  • And much, much more...

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