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Imprint Methods

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is perfect for solid color logos and precise color matching (like corporate logos for example). Screen Printing is a much faster and more cost effective print method when dealing with larger orders.

Good For...

Precise color matches, Solid colors, durability.

Things To Consider

We are limited to 4 solid colors in silk screen printing. Your artwork needs to be set up in a vector format with the Pantoneā„¢ spot colors assigned to every color used. We cannot print halftones or gradients with silk screen printing. We are also unable to print CMYK. Gradients and CMYK process art is better suited for Direct Print. Our art department would be happy to answer your questions, preflight your logo and graphics for you and make recommendations, so be sure to discuss Screen Printing with your sales representative.

Direct Print

Direct Print allows you to print in full photographic color on your flash drives. Direct Print works in a similar manner to your inkjet printer at home. The printer prints directly onto the flash drive using 4 ink cartridges (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) that combine to create millions of colors, smooth gradients, and subtle images effects.

Good For...

Photographs, images and logos that use lots of color, gradients and blur effects.

Things To Consider

Direct print is only available on certain items, usually limiting your flash drive color to white. Be sure to ask your sales representative!

Laser Engraving

We can etch your text or graphics into the body of your flash drives with laser beams. The Laser actually burns away the colored surface layer of the flash drive revealing the material below (usually metal or plastic). Engraving is super durable and has a nice high-end look to it. Laser engraving is especially nice on our flash drives with wooden bodies. The laser burns the image into the wood giving a classy "branded" look. Laser Engraving is also the greenest method of imprinting. There are no inks involved, so laser engraved items have less of an impact in their manufacture and recycling.

Good For...

Quick turns, simple text, line art graphics and logos.

Things To Consider

Laser engraving doesn't handle gradients and blurs very well. Multi colored images won't usually reproduce well with laser engraving. If your logo doesn't look good in solid black and white, chances are it won't look good engraved. Our art department would be more than happy to check out your files for you and offer suggestions to make your logo work, so if you're interested, be sure to ask your sales representative!

Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping is used on our leather items and many of our wood flash drives. It's exactly what its name says - a metal stamp is heated up and then applied to the leather or wood surface of your flash drive. On leather items, the image is debossed or pressed into the surface. There's no change in color with the hot stamping. Hot Stamping is also a very green imprint method. Since there are no inks or dyes involved, the manufacture and recycling of Hot Stamped flash drives has less impact on the environment.

Good For...

Leather and Wood flash drives with hot stamped imprint have a classic, high- end executive look to them.

Things To Consider

Hot Stamping only works with solid images. Since there is no ink applied and no color change, subtle elements like drop shadows, super fine text & lines and gradients will not show up.

Things to consider...

We can print up to 3 solid Pantone spot colors per print location. Gradients, blends, and halftones are not available with pad printing. Art should be submitted in a vector format (.AI, .EPS). If you need help setting up your art for pad printing, contact us. We'd be happy to answer your questions and help you set up your files!

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