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Custom Flash Drive Icons

Order 100 custom usb flash drives, supply your logo in a high quality format and BAM-O, you got yourself some ultra-professional presentatin' flash drives upon computer insert. Whether you're buying bulk flash drives for your wedding slideshow or for mass distribution of your product catalog, your brand or purpose benefits from this finishing touch.

Have you ever left a flash drive plugged into your computer for, well, months? Some people do. Every time they boot their computer and go to their "My Computer" system drive screen, your logo will be waving to them and saying, "Hi, remember me?"

It's a great way to for your end-user remember you and your goal. Because, it really was a great wedding and everyone needs a little help remembering to order doodads.

A Case Study: What Makes GreenThumbDrives.com Green?

We recently digitized a medical training manual for a State Anesthesiology board. They ordered 3,000 flash drives, and each drive had a 1,289 page digital book loaded on it.

If you do the math, that's 3,867,000 pages, or 1,933,500 sheets of paper, assuming they're all printed on both sides. They would have printed those pages of paper in the past.

1,933,000 sheets is 9.667 TONS of paper, and would have required approximately 232 trees to create. Not only did we save those 232 trees (plus the energy from manufacturing the paper, shipping, printing, shipping again, distributing, and ultimately disposing of / recycling 10 tons of paper), but we also used profits from the job to plant an additional 150 trees in Ghana, Africa, resulting in a net gain of 382 trees.

That's just one job.

We do this all day, every day.

The savings in human and natural resources, when you do an analysis between shipping & handling 8 pallets of paper and 8 medium-sized boxes using flash drives instead of paper for documents more than 150 pages, is a multi-net effect. The 3,000 flash drives in the case study could be handled by on person at the conference. Maybe a co-worker could lend a hand between the car and the conference room, but there wasn't any need for pallet jacks, body builders or confusing shipping schedules.

Flash Drive: Rethink

We're all familiar with USB Flash Drives. You probably have one that you use from time to time to carry your files back and forth from work or school to your home computer. But the Flash Drive's role is expanding.

What are Flash Drives?

Flash Drives are small, durable, convenient removable media for your computer. Inside a flash drive are memory chips that can store data. The storage capacities typically range from 128MB up to 64GB, although other sizes are available and much larger sizes are hitting the market as technology improves.

What's the difference between Flash Drives and other removable media like CDs and DVDs?

In some ways, they're very different. In other ways, they're not all that different. Both are removable media, and your computer will treat them in largely the same way. You can put your band's album or a feature length movie onto a flash drive and your computer will play either back just the same as it would play from a disc.

Flash Drives are quickly replacing CDs and DVDs because they have a few significant advantages over Discs:

• Copying files to a Flash Drive is much faster than burning a disc.

• Flash Drives can easily be rewritten. Discs are typically used one time. (Flash Drives can easily be made unwriteable to protect the data on them)

• Flash Drives are durable and can take a beating. Tiny scratches and smudges can make a disc unreadable.

• Flash Drives' durability makes shipping and distribution easier and cheaper than mailing fragile discs

• An 8GB Flash Drive holds about the same amount of data as 12 CDs or almost 2 DVDs

• CD and DVD Replication requires a lot of prep work - glass masters, stampers and screens have to be made and paid for. If you want a short run (usually under 1000 discs), you have to get CDRs or DVDRs, which are lower quality and have a shorter lifespan. With Flash Drives, you get the same high quality whether it's one piece or a million.

So how are people using Flash Drives?

Flash Drives are replacing printed books!

• Corporate, medical and legal trainers are replacing expensive training manuals with Flash Drives

• Companies are putting their catalogs on Flash Drives to save on printing and distribution costs

• Sales forces are using things like our Business Card Flash Drives to deliver entire sales presentations with their business cards.

• Realtors are using Flash Drives to hand out at Open Houses. They can put high resolution photos, video tours, and tons of other info onto a Flash Drive to hand out to interested parties. The best part is Flash Drives can be created on demand very quickly. Unused leftover Flash Drives can be taken back to the office and reloaded with info on a different property and used at the next open house. Printed brochures or discs would have to be thrown in the trash.

What else can GreenThumbDrives.com do for my Flash Drive project?

We have a lot to offer! Many people just save their files onto Flash Drives and distribute them. But if you want a little more from your drive, we can dress it up for you.

• Flipping Books - We can create a flash-based Flipping Book for you from any PDF file. The flipping book looks, sounds, and acts like a real book. Flipping books can contain a linkable table of contents and hyperlinks to web based content.  Check out our sample at http://www.GreenThumbDrives.com/book

• Menus - We can create a DVD-style menu to help your recipients navigate the files on your drive. We can customize the menu to fit your brand or project, and custom buttons will launch different items. For example, a band can have a menu with buttons to launch Music Tracks, Videos, Photos, Apps, Screen Savers, Band Bios, and anything else they may want to add.  A salesman can have a menu with buttons to launch Technical White Papers, Powerpoint Presentations, Videos, Product Catalogs, and Detailed info about their product or service.

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