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A Case Study: What Makes GreenThumbDrives.com Green?

We recently digitized a medical training manual for a State Anesthesiology board. They ordered 3,000 flash drives, and each drive had a 1,289 page digital book loaded on it.

If you do the math, that's 3,867,000 pages, or 1,933,500 sheets of paper, assuming they're all printed on both sides. They would have printed those pages of paper in the past.

1,933,000 sheets is 9.667 TONS of paper, and would have required approximately 232 trees to create. Not only did we save those 232 trees (plus the energy from manufacturing the paper, shipping, printing, shipping again, distributing, and ultimately disposing of / recycling 10 tons of paper), but we also used profits from the job to plant an additional 150 trees in Ghana, Africa, resulting in a net gain of 382 trees.

That's just one job.

We do this all day, every day.

The savings in human and natural resources, when you do an analysis between shipping & handling 8 pallets of paper and 8 medium-sized boxes using flash drives instead of paper for documents more than 150 pages, is a multi-net effect. The 3,000 flash drives in the case study could be handled by on person at the conference. Maybe a co-worker could lend a hand between the car and the conference room, but there wasn't any need for pallet jacks, body builders or confusing shipping schedules.

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